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        With the economic globalization challenges in China's accession to the wto and freight market of further opening of the China international freight enterprise development need more to clear positioning in scale, specialization, network, and logistics. It is time request was born to a new freight enterprise-taizhou dexin international logistics Co., LTD. The approval of the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation registered as a level 1 freight representative company, the company mainly agent is given priority to, professional in the international container transportation, seek goods, booking, storage, transit, customs clearance, inspection declaration, and other comprehensive business. At the same time, also provide LCL service and the international, domestic air freight service.

        Taizhou Integrity International Logistics Co.,Ltd. Presently is equipped with sales department, the operation department, financial department and the ministry of commerce. The shipping company with a good relationship, can prompt and accurate for you to provide the service. We are sure, choose a reputable freight company can offer you many convenient, make your job more effective. We are specialized in working knowledge, rich experience, precise timely information feedback, reasonable low fees, can I save the cost of many. The company management policy is "to the owner for god, with efficient service prestige strives for the survival, to the image, scientific management plan development".

        Welcome inquiry, also welcome you to use our high quality service! Looking forward to your letter calls

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